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Post  Mike Berry on Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:45 pm

before submitting any music, you are to follow these rules:

1. Music should be created using Fl Studio 10. The reason is because we have a very high demand for consistency in our sound. Everyone who is on the group uses this program.
2. Music must be in MP3 format when previewing and OGG in the games release.
3. The music must be the exact tempo and or must have a relate-able tune to the game gear sound or feel.
4. Please send the group a sample song of your composition first before getting down to business.
5. The song must have looping flags, and they must be set in the correct area.
6. When finalizing a song, please process it at 48KHZ because of the XNA is processing that of what you are following from our projects format. There is no need to make a speed shoe version of every song. Simply add a code to the monitor that swaps the rate to 44.1KHz. This will in turn "Upscale" The music to about two times faster than what it should be. This is also because most sound cards are set at the default 48KHz.

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